Steel Tubes

Steel tubes and their processing or manipulation are relatively new in our program, but they are an increasingly fast growing segment. With our strong partner EMC-Distribution LTD from Bulgaria, we are also strongly positioned in the field of welded steel profiles. On 7 tube welding systems, profiles are produced both from hot-rolled strip and cold-rolled strip. See our program

The steel tubes are welded in lengths of 6 – 7 meters and then sawn to the desired fixed lengths. The welded steel profiles can then be processed very well, since at high strengths at the same time a good bending ability is given. Such steel tubes are found in all areas of daily life. The demands of our customers are very different and range from more price-oriented (e.g. scaffolding) to the highest-quality demanding car industry.

Prior to delivery, the quality of the steel tubes is metallurgically and mechanically checked and documented. The corresponding test certificates are made available to our customers, of course.

Deliverable realisations::
  • strip galvanized
  • hot-dip galvanized
  • powder coated
  • chromed

Welded Steel tubes, standards and materials:

The following standards apply to our welded steel profiles: EN 10305-3 (DIN2394), EN 10305-5 (DIN 2395) as well as EN 10255 + A1 (DIN 2440) for welding tubes with eddy current test of the weld seam.
Steel, Description C % Mn % Si % max P % max S % max Rm min N/mm2 A5 min %
St12-03(08 kp) O,05-0,11 0,25-0,5 0,03 0,035 0,04 265-382 28
S235JRG1(UST 37-2)


0,06-0,17 0,25-0,5 0,05 0,04 0,05 310-410 26
S235JRG2(RST 37-2)

(2 kp)

0,25-0,5 0,25-0,5 0,05 0,04 0,05 340-470 25
The packaging of unprocessed steel tubes is carried out in hexagonal or rectangular bundles.